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Farmhouse Style Dining Room Decor

If you know me outside of the lovely little squares of Instagram where I normally do most of my sharing, you probably know that I tend to move my furniture around like a crazy woman and I like to switch up my decor often.

I found that gorgeous mirror at Hobby Lobby during their last big clearance sale and couldn’t leave the store without it (team never pay full price over here!) so it replaced the black one that was there before and I’ll use it elsewhere.

I have also been searching for the perfect table cover to protect my table since it’s such a high traffic area with meals and our little ones activities and this DII French White Stripe Tablecloth is perfect in every single way! It has the farmhouse style look and feel that I was going for and I also got White stripe napkins and rustic rings to match!

Oh yes, I am well aware that my napkin folding skills need a whole lotta work! Haha!

Also, check out that adorable rustic cotton throw on the blanket ladder! It’s so soft, cozy and absolutely perfect for this space!

You can find all of these farmhouse beauties through the links below!

French Stripe Kitchen Tablecloth
White French Stripe Napkin Set of 6
Rustic Wood Napkin Rings
Rustic Farmhouse Cotton Throw

Check out my Amazon Influencer Shop to see some of my other favorite farmhouse style home décor items, if you’d like! I’m always on the search!

Thank you DII for providing me with these beautiful home decor items.

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