• Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits & How I Take It

    Disclosure: The items in this blog post were gifted to me by Goli. However, all opinions are my own. This page contains affiliate links to products I recommend. If you purchase something from this page, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. It’s a new year and I have new health goals! Have you ever researched the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar? I have and it’s absolutely phenomenal but I could never get over the taste of drinking it straight. I am not a professional and I am not giving medical advice, I’ll leave that to your doctor! I’m just simply sharing…

  • Mom Life Fashion With PinkBlush

    Chilly days and cozy hugs with my sweet girl! ♥️ I’m loving this super cute Burgundy Striped Cowl Neck Knit Top from PinkBlush paired up with my dark jeans and boots! This top is so comfortable and I’m obsessed with the effortless layered look! If only motherhood looked like this all the time… 🥰 Be sure to head over to PinkBlush to check out their amazing mom life fashion! I have several stylish pieces from them and love them all! Top: Burgundy Striped Cowl Neck Knit Top – PinkBlush What is your favorite piece of clothing to wear when it starts getting chilly out? Let me know in the comments…

  • Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

    With three children, I’ve certainly learned what my “must haves” for a new baby are over the years. At the top of my list is a good baby monitor and this Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor has literally everything you’d need as a first time parent. It uses private connection technology, so you can be rest assured that you’re the only one keeping eyes on your baby. I may have the unpopular opinion on this, but I absolutely cannot get into the baby monitors that you have to view on your phone. I LOVE having an actual screen to keep on to view my babe any time that I’d…

  • Farmhouse Style Dining Room Decor

    If you know me outside of the lovely little squares of Instagram where I normally do most of my sharing, you probably know that I tend to move my furniture around like a crazy woman and I like to switch up my decor often. I found that gorgeous mirror at Hobby Lobby during their last big clearance sale and couldn’t leave the store without it (team never pay full price over here!) so it replaced the black one that was there before and I’ll use it elsewhere. I have also been searching for the perfect table cover to protect my table since it’s such a high traffic area with meals…

  • Stylish Toy Organization

    With three kids, we have toys everywhere! Do you feel like you’re in the same boat? I like to keep their toys where our family spends the most time but I also want them to look nice once we put them away for the day. The struggle, right?! We spent our day tidying up their toys with our new Woven Storage Baskets from my favorite place to shop, Amazon! They are soft and so stylish. The larger basket holds ALOT and the little one compliments the large one nicely for a cute and complete look. They are true bright white and gray in color, exactly what I had been looking…

  • New Farmhouse Style Table Runner

    We’ve been remodeling our house since a month before we moved in. Almost three years ago, my husband and I fell in love with a 100 year old home, we purchased right away and began to transform it into our dream home. During those (almost) three years, we’ve been blessed with two more babies and everyone knows that all projects slow way down when children are involved. So with three little girls, here we are, still working away. I’ll take it! More on that later though! But seriously, check out those shiplap walls that my husband created, he’s pretty amazing! But yeah, more on that later! Today I want to…

  • Celebrating With Little Bites Snacks!

    #AD We think every day is the perfect day for a party! 🎉 We’re celebrating @littlebitessnacks 20th Birthday Bash and enjoying their delicious Party Cake and Chocolate Chip muffins!  @entenmanns Little Bites Snacks have the yummy taste kids love and are the good choice parents want, keeping everyone smiling together. With more than 10 varieties, there’s a flavor to fit every snacking occasion. Visit www.littlebites.com/20Birthdaybash to learn more! #lovelittlebites #SocialSpotters [ This post is originally from Instagram. ]

  • They Grow Too Quickly

    Okay. You’re all grown up now, I see. 💁🏼‍♀️ I’ll just be over here day dreaming about her being teeny tiny again. 😩 And maybe smiling a little too because I might get some sleep again one of these days. #bittersweet 🙈💗 Pajamas: @everlygrey  Bow: @adirea.bowtique [ 20% off with code MAMALOVINGLIFE ] 🎀 [ This post is originally from Instagram. ]

  • Warm Weather Happiness!

    The temperature is up to almost 50 degrees already this morning! After what seemed like forever of pure freezing cold, we are LOVING this warmer weather! I know that it’s going to get cold again in the next couple of days but for now we are soaking it all in! ☀️ What’s your weather like today? ✨ Pajamas: @baby_deedee  Blanket: @newcastleclassics  Bow: @adirea.bowtique [ 20% off with code MAMALOVINGLIFE ] 🎀 [ This post is originally from Instagram. ]

  • Staying Cozy & Warm

    We’re on our third day of no school due to the frigid cold and snow so we’ll just be over here cuddled up staying cozy and warm again today! Aren’t their matching jammies from @everlygrey so adorable?! I just love them! 💗💗💗 [ This post is originally from Instagram. ]